Thursday, October 15, 2009

Uniti Uniti Uniti + Elvis Stojko

We were very excited to hear that World Champion Figure Skater Elvis Stojko was interested in participating in our jewellery arts auction – even more excited when I learned that his designer would be yours truly.

And now for a little selfish blogging....

It has been a year since we started blogging, bringing you the in's and the out's of Toronto's jewellery arts scene from the perspective of our little family run shop. But how much do you really know about your lead blogger.... me?

A whole lot more now.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, jewellery design is my latest venture. Having focused primarily on drawing and printmaking, the challenge of designing in the three-dimensional is a challenge I have met gladly, although there are some bleaker moments. Now, as a member of the 18Karat family, I am learning how to turn pen and paper into metal and stone.

Early in September, I met with Elvis Stojko as he was performing at the CNE to discuss the jewellery piece we were set to collaborate on for our Uniti jewellery auction.

I was a little surprised by how many ideas Elvis already had, and we soon came up with the basis that would form a very lovely pendant.

The reoccurring theme from our meeting was the idea that family and community shape you into the person you become - protecting and pushing us forward.

Above, you can see the process of cutting and shaping a piece of rose quartz that will fit into the center of the pendant, flanked on both sides by black onyx.

The Uniti auction begins November 12th, with the pieces being on display at our shop, and up for auction via Waddington's online auction.

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