Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Uniti Collection Enters the Home Stretch....

Who would have thought we would be at this point.. already.. so soon?
After months of hard work and determination and surprises and wonderful opportunities, the Uniti Collection comes to an end tomorrow at 2pm.

We are anxiously waiting, squinting our eyes and pretending not to look, as the online auction enters the last 24 hours. Remember, all of these pieces have been donated by the artists who created them and every sale goes directly to the Red Door Family Shelter - helping the families who need it most this holiday season.

A beauty for you jewellery box or a spectacularly unique present, don't forget to check out these pieces.
Go directly to the auction by clicking here.

Designer Samantha Hawkes in collaboration with Raymond Ablack (Degrassi: Next Generation)Designer Dino Giannetti in collaboration with Dina Pugliese (Breakfast Television)
Designer Suzanne Crudden in collaboration with Jonas Chernick (The Border)Designer Meghan Schnarr in collaboration with Lead and Gordon Pinsent (Canadian Acting Dynasty)
Designer Kim Drosdick in collaboration with Aaron Pritchett (Country Music Star)

Don't forget... Time's a tickin'!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Presenting new designer Carmen Tam.

With the Uniti Collection counting down its last few days, I thought it would be a good idea to take a break from the bids and the paddle numbers to present you the latest addition to the 18Karat list of local designers.

Carmen Tam is a recent graduate from George Brown's Jewellery Arts program, and has been working at the Organic Metal Gallery on College Street.

Carmen has a graphic style and geometric sensibility that inhibits each piece. Currently we have a matching set of silver and garnet, necklace and earrings (pictured to the right and bellow).

(Hand made Sterling Silver and Garnet Earrings, $268)

(Handmade Sterling and Garnet Necklace, $165)

Perhaps my favorite piece in her collection, are the pair of earrings to the right. The interesting thing about these sterling silver beauties, it that they are adjustable. Each circular disk is attached to the next via a double-ended screw top attachment, meaning you can remove links or re-arrange their order however you see fit. Despite their size, they are remarkably light-weight.

(Sterling Silver adjustable disk earrings

Just a reminder, the Uniti Collection jewellery auction ends at 2pm on November 26th. Remember, all funds raised go directly to the Red Door Family Shelter

Thursday, November 19, 2009

18Karat goes live...

Over the next week you can expect the blog post to come short and fast, as the flurry of activity related to the Uniti Collection grows.... (1 WEEK TO GO!!!)

But tomorrow morning, between 11 and 12, 2/4 of 18Karat will be live on CIUT 89.5fm
on a program titled, Career Buzz, where we will chat about the Uniti Collection
and the exciting things our shop gets up to.

Super excited!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Degrassi Next Generation Stars talk Uniti

Today the CTV website published a great article about The Uniti Collection and the two Degrassi stars who have been involved with our campaign. It was also great that the article featured the two artist who created these pieces, and aren't they lovely pieces..
Check out the article here..

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Uniti Collection - Launched!!

Where do the hours go in a day?
Where do the days go in a week?

Our jewellery auction in benefit of the Red Door Family Shelter is up and running, and will continue until November 26th.

The Uniti Collection isn't just about pretty and precious gems - every piece is inspired by the people closest to our hearts: our parents, our children, our spouses, and our friends - the community we all belong to.

Every piece in this collection has been donated by the artist who created it, and the sales from each piece will go directly to the Red Door Family Shelter.

For a list of the designers and celebrities who have collaborated on this piece, and to view each beautiful creation (and where to place a bid.. hint... hint..) visit

All of these pieces will be on display at 18Karat throughout the auction.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Uniti Uniti + The Weston Family.

Shelly Purdy is one of Toronto's most talented jewellery artists, and why wouldn't she be, she apprenticed here at 18Karat.

When Uniti was in it's cellular stage, Shelly was key in helping us brainstorm, so we were thrilled when she was matched up with Alexandra Weston, to create a piece that would represent the Weston family and their perspective on family and community.

Leave it to Shelly to take a lot of great process shots..

(Alexandra at Shelly's studio)

Having recently started her own family, Alexa
ndra chose stacking rings to symbolize family,

"I wanted to design a ring because for me, in keeping with tradition, a ring symbolizes love and commitment through all good and bad & the strength it takes to keep one's love strong through it all. It can be seen as a commitment to one's family. Having a ring that is two parts represented the caregiver and those more dependent & sheltered. We wanted the ring to be stackable as a family should be able to grow."
- Alexandra Weston
(Loose Aquamarines)

Shelly has a popular line of Achievement Rings, and was inspired to create a piece for Uniti that carried those ideas forward,

"The Achievement Rings Collection was inspired from a need to recognize the daily small stuff that over time builds into a family's legacy. It's what mothers are made of. These aquamarine stacking rings are little trophies to remind us of our greater purpose. Precious reminders that among the miserable weather days, the flat hair, and stupidly hard days, that tehre have also been times when we have shined brightly... days to cherish so that we can spring from them with a quiet confidence of wonderfully sunny days ahead" - Shelly Purdy

Check out Shelly's Achievement Rings for Uniti here.

Check out Shelly's work here.