Monday, November 2, 2009

Uniti Uniti + The Weston Family.

Shelly Purdy is one of Toronto's most talented jewellery artists, and why wouldn't she be, she apprenticed here at 18Karat.

When Uniti was in it's cellular stage, Shelly was key in helping us brainstorm, so we were thrilled when she was matched up with Alexandra Weston, to create a piece that would represent the Weston family and their perspective on family and community.

Leave it to Shelly to take a lot of great process shots..

(Alexandra at Shelly's studio)

Having recently started her own family, Alexa
ndra chose stacking rings to symbolize family,

"I wanted to design a ring because for me, in keeping with tradition, a ring symbolizes love and commitment through all good and bad & the strength it takes to keep one's love strong through it all. It can be seen as a commitment to one's family. Having a ring that is two parts represented the caregiver and those more dependent & sheltered. We wanted the ring to be stackable as a family should be able to grow."
- Alexandra Weston
(Loose Aquamarines)

Shelly has a popular line of Achievement Rings, and was inspired to create a piece for Uniti that carried those ideas forward,

"The Achievement Rings Collection was inspired from a need to recognize the daily small stuff that over time builds into a family's legacy. It's what mothers are made of. These aquamarine stacking rings are little trophies to remind us of our greater purpose. Precious reminders that among the miserable weather days, the flat hair, and stupidly hard days, that tehre have also been times when we have shined brightly... days to cherish so that we can spring from them with a quiet confidence of wonderfully sunny days ahead" - Shelly Purdy

Check out Shelly's Achievement Rings for Uniti here.

Check out Shelly's work here.

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