Thursday, October 1, 2009

Uniti - Darlene Martin meets Jenn Valentyne

Yesterday was the last day of our Emerge exhibit, marking the end of a straight 7months of exhibits featuring local artists in our shop. During the month of October, we will not be hosting a show, as we prepare for Uniti.

So while we are busy at work, we thought we would show another designer busy putting her piece together for the charity auction in benefit of the Red Door Family Shelter.

Darlene Martin was the first designer to be featured in our shop and has done a lot to bring this auction to life. Last week she met with Jenn Valentyne from Breakfast Television, and is busy creating a piece that symbolizes family and community to them both.

The colour green is at the core of this piece, as it symbolizes to both Darlene and Jenn life, family, and home.

As we get closer to the auction date, the anticipation is growing as we wait to have all of these beautiful pieces in our shop.


Party Pals owner Melanie Zuber said...

F A B just F A B....gorgeous pieces by Darlene Martin, can't wait to see them all.

18Karat Jewellers said...

Fab is right. Coming in November we will have 13!! local designers creating a piece for our Uniti auction. Beautiful things everywhere!