Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Going Places....

Although months in the making, it seems about time for me to mention our upcoming event - one like no other. Currently we are organizing Uniti - Uniting Toronto for Families, a charity auction to benefit the Red Door Family Shelter.
Silent auction? Oh so - 'been there done that'.

Well.... not this one.

Unlike other auctions where the hold overs from last seasons/years/decades collection are auctioned off. For Uniti, each piece is being made especially.

It doesn't stop there however, each piece is a collaboration between a local designer and a local celebrity. Together they use their ideas of family and community to form the basis of a jewellery piece that will be donated, and then sold during our silent auction.
Who are these designers, and who are these celebs?

Our first match up was with Meghan Schnarr, an excellent young designer, and Gordon Pinsent and his daughter Leah, who are using this as an opportunity to pay tribute to their wife and mother, Charmion King.

Our second, was with the very talented Amy Kovach, and singer Justin Hines.

Our third, was with Therese Cruz, a recent graduate from George Brown's Jewellery Arts program and a featured artist in our shop, with Paula Brancati from Degrassi Next Generation and Dark Oracle.

Our fourth, with Samantha Hawkes, also a recent graduate and featured artist, with Raymond Ablack, also from Degrassi.

But that's not all. Just a little tease.
Let's see where it goes!

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