Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last But Certainly Not Least...

As the first half of our Emerge exhibit comes to a close, we would like to introduce you to the fifth and final designer we have been featuring at 18Karat.

So please welcome...
Samantha Hawkes.

Born into an artistic family, Samantha inherited a deep appreciation for creativity and a true respect for artists. Samantha drove into the creative world at a young age, exploring various forms of art and media.

She has left little in the artistic world unexplored, having ventured into fashion design, music and countless forms of visual art. With a keen eye and a strong aesthetic, she first explored jewellery design through the beading world. Having developed her skill in jewellery design, Samantha finds great satisfaction in the creative process and artistic liberty which the field provides.

14k yellow gold, fine silver

Necklace and Earring Set
14k yellow gold, fine silver,
cubic zirconia

"The endless possibilities and the infinite potential of exploration and inspiration are what fuel my passion for jewellery and creativity.

I draw inspiration from the balance of nature and movement, in combination with contemporary forms and objects which surround me in my daily environment."

Thanks to everyone who came out to support these young artists during the reception. It was especially memorable for the music stylings of the Jessica Stuart Few, who impressed us all with their amazing sound.

Emerge runs until the end of September, so come on down and take a look at these exquisite pieces.

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