Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where DOES the time go?

My oh my, the summer is at its peak already and it has been a month since my last post.
I think some of our readers were thinking we had given up this ol' internet game.
Not true.

We have just been super duper, extra-ordinarily crazy, busy. Conjuring up another 6months of exciting events - trying to do our part to put Toronto on the world's jewellery map.
Not an easy feat, but an exciting one.

We have entered our second and final month of the Mosaics exhibit, featuring Turkish designer Murat Tunc. On June 25th, we even hosted a reception that allowed us the oppurtunity to meet some interesting people and to learn a little bit more about Turkey, (especially what's good to eat and drink.. mostly drink).

My favorite pieces, have always been the rings. They are chalk full of detail and intricacy, and they are unlike anything I have ever seen. So bear with me, as I take this time to do a little ode, to the ring...

24ct. gold plated-silver rings, featuring remarkable and intricate hand-painted porcelain squares. This reminds me of the intricate needlepoint that your grandmother, or great-grandmother used to do. Murat is all about the details.

What I have enjoyed most about this exhibit, is getting a better insight into Turkish art and design. I never realized how little I knew about this country. Istanbul is really a cultural crossroads, combining Persian, Greek, Roman, and Asian influences that create a beautiful aesthetic.
This ring is certainly one of my favorites, with a floral pattern that seems entrenched in Persia.

Not only does Murat design and manufacture each of these pieces, but he also carves each cameo he uses.

While Murat's work is inspired by many different cultural and historical aspects, his cameos are all inspired by famous Greek and Roman forms. Focusing mainly on the Gods and Goddesses.

It has been great having Murat's work at 18Karat. His unique aesthetic has really taken off, and we are excited to see where this artists goes from here.
Mosaics runs until the end of July, and we will be keeping a select line at our store into the future.

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