Monday, July 13, 2009

Let Me Introduce...

With only a few weeks to go before August, we can barely contain our excitement.

Is it because of the warm reds and oranges of a late summer?
Hot muggy breezes mixing with brisk ones...?

Or, is it because August marks the beginning of Emerge a group show featuring the work of 5 very talented recent graduates from George Brown's jewellery design program. Every week leading up to the reception (August 13th), I will be introducing you to one of these artists.

So get ready.
Today, let me introduce you to..... Shannon Clay.

Growing up in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Shannon was always surrounded by artists - print makers, traditional sewers, carvers, and jewellers. It was the sense of creating – the tactility of construction with bare hands – that drew Shannon towards the arts.

Croissant Earrings -
Fine Silver, 14k Yellow Gold
Wash Behind Your Ears -
Sterling Silver, Soapstone, Serpentine

"Taking for granted the opportunity to express myself boundlessly, I have created pieces which show my unrestrained imagination and creativity.
I have taken inspiration from the Viking tradition, Inuit carving traditions, modern techniques in jewellery production, metal forging techniques as well as my own mortality."

These pieces only represent a fraction of the work Shannon will be showing during Emerge, and isn't it tantalizing?

Emerge begins August 1st and continues until the end of September. A reception will be hosted at 18Karat on August 13th, at 5pm. Stay tuned for more!

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