Saturday, July 6, 2013


 The past couple of weeks have certainly been busy for us - not just because it is engagement ring season, but because the spring/summer months seem to inspire rejuvenation. Many of our projects are redesigns - removing the gemstones from an old or antique jewellery piece (or pieces) and creating a new treasure. Some highlights include:


This pendant was created as an anniversary gift for a client after several decades of marriage. We were so excited to be there when he presented her with this diamond pendant that features a half-carat Canadian diamond and six accent diamonds in two-tone 18k gold. We love that jewellery means just as much to the people who give and receive it as it does to those who  make it.

We draw our best inspiration from the incredible colours and shapes created within nature - mostly in the brilliant gemstone formations that often seem other worldly. These slate deposites were mined in Germany and had natural pyrite veins running through them. It is almost impossible to imagine something so perfect forming over millions of years below the earths surface. Once we saw these pieces, we new they were ours for the taking - now the hard part, what to make with them!

The exchanging of wedding rings is one of the most meaningful symbols and important rituals in our culture. It is a symbol of a forever commitment and lifelong bond - it's not about the size of a diamond or the amount of money spent. That is why we love working with clients who design their engagement ring or wedding bands around a history, a story, or a personal sentiment - it reinforces for us the reason we do what we do. This wedding suite was created for a couple who were hoping to incorporate a well worn, well loved antique engagement ring inherited from the brides grandmother into a more modern ring that would last another lifetime. We set the diamond in a new setting but we also incorporated the original yellow gold band by soldering it inside the new white gold band. For our clients, it was the perfect way of blending the past, present, and future and we couldn't agree more. We added a yellow gold  inlay into the grooms band to match. I can't think of anything more romantic than that.

One of the perks of having a custom shop that has been in business for over 40 years is that we often get to see rare pieces from jewellery's past golden ages - pieces we have either built ourselves, or pieces in need of some repair or restoration. This bracelet was purchased by our clients father in the early 20th century as a means of smuggling currency out of wartime Europe. For many immigrants, gold jewellery was the only valuable commodity that consistently held a value - in many cases it helped to save lives. We have heard many stories of families arriving with only their jewellery to help them begin a new life in Canada. This 18k gold bracelet weighs over 130 grams and has a solid mesh style bracelet and buckle closure - not a practical piece of jewellery, more akin to armour! Holding something like this in your hand comes with a moment of realization that seeing something like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This pendant is another example of combining the old with the new to create a piece of jewellery that not only carries with is great sentiment but is a piece that can be enjoyed by the wearer everyday. Our client inherited her grandfathers wedding band, a simple wide band with a very large finger size - our client wanted to wear the ring but knew that the style of ring would not suite her small frame. After some discussion, we decided to modify the ring to create a bezel that would feature a specially cut piece of malachite, cut from a piece she had purchased while traveling in Africa. This pendant now serves as a memory of many people and places.

These earrings began their life as two fair sized old European cut diamonds that sat side by side in an antique ring, inherited by our client. The ring held incredible sentiment to  - her grandmother wore the ring on every special occasion. The only problem - the ring never quite fit her style and as a result they languished in a jewellery box for years. Finally deciding that there was no use having jewellery if one is not enjoying them, our client decided it was time to have the stones set in something that she could enjoy everyday - something that felt more like her. We created these classic, simple, yet very stylish diamond drops that she wore right out of the shop. Every gem has a story.

It has been a busy couple of weeks and we have several stunning pieces in various stages of design and construction that we will be completing and posting in the coming weeks. Remember, jewellery is not just an accessory - it can be personal and precious for the sentiment it carries.

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