Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ammolite Collection at 18Karat

Last year we wrote about a sweet gemstone haul we purchased from a local gemstone dealer - you can read about it here.

Some of my favorite pieces to come out of that purchase was an assortment of bright and sparkling ammolites - fossilized shells found almost exclusively in Canada. Many of those stones have been set (although we are setting some aside for some exciting future custom pieces, *hint *hint) and are now available for purchase.

An oval-shaped ammolite cabochon is set in a minimalist 14k white gold setting. Due to the iridescent properties of this amazing gemstone, it is impossible to capture how dynamic this jewellery really is!

Featuring golden-orange-red sparkling tones, this oval cabochon is also set in a 14k white gold setting.

This necklace is inarguably a one-of-a-kind super dazzler - featuring an ammolite with a spectrum of colour play that totals almost 50.00 cts and is set in a handmade sterling silver setting.

For more information on this beautiful ammolite collection, visit www.18karat.ca.

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