Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love Letters - A Valentine's Day Giveaway

Every year we race to and then through the holiday season, only to be confronted with yet another cause célèbre - Valentine's Day, the day we all love to hate.

Yes it is contrived, superficial, and corporately sponsored. Yes it is filled with garish colours and textures; frills and bows and velvets. Valentine's day, some could argue, is a box of chocolates filled with questionable and indistinguishable cream fillings.

But it is also the day that forces us to pause and to think about those people most treasured in our lives, those people who keep us happy and for the most part sane. It is a day above all others to remember those we sometimes take for granted.
And while we may all cringe at the mention of the notorious V-day, it is for that reason that we all dive into Valentine's Day head first.

So when was the last time you wrote a love letter to the apple of your eye? A little note, poem, or sentence that says all those things we are often to busy to mention as often as we should. If making your love swoon isn't enough of an incentive, perhaps we can sweeten the pink and red pot.

From today until midnight February 11th, send us your love letters telling us why your loved one deserves a diamond, and they just might get one. The winning entry will be announced February 13th, 2012.

Submit letters to www.18karat.ca/loveletters.html

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