Monday, May 16, 2011

1960's - a mini-fashion history

(Twiggy - doe eyes and pink mini-dress)

The 1960's was the decade of 'anything goes' - a decade of rapid and unprecedented change both politically and culturally. The miniskirts, platforms, and PVC of the Mods mixed with the crushed velvet, brocade waste coats, and long hair of the Edwardian resurgence.
(Mick Jagger - photo by Colin Jones)

One of the most prominent movements, centered in London, was youthquake - a movement that recognized for the first time the power of youth to influence fashion and culture. The youthquake movement marked the moment teenage spending had reached never before seen levels - teenagers for the first time had money to burn.

Super models Jean Shrimpton
and Twiggy became the fashion icons of the 1960's with designers Mary Quant (inventor of both the mini-skirt and hot pants) and Betsey Johnson at the helm of the youthquake movement.

In jewellery, over-sized and abstract forms were the foundation of every good collection. Every piece was to be a statement piece, using extra large gemstones - mainly quartz and cabochons resting in bulky, organically inspired settings. Big earrings, big beads, bangles, and cocktail rings were fundamental.
(1960's Sea Shell Ring - by Dino Giannetti. Available in sterling silver at 18Karat)

This rings is one of my favorites - cast from a wax Dino originally created in 1968 - this ring successfully partners a substantial volume with graceful design. The ring seems to effortlessly bellow - like sheets hung out to dry, blowing in the wind.
A classic.

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