Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RED Show - at 18Karat.

What does the word red conjure up in your mind and does it only represent a colour or a hue?
Red means many things to many different people, in one moment it can symbolize love and passion. In another it becomes a sign of aggression and anger.

The artists of Jewel Envy studio in downtown Toronto have created a body of work that explores this very question - what does RED mean? Featuring works by Gillian Batcher (Jewel Envy owner), Alexis Kostuk, Chia Chien Tsai, Efrat Deutsch, Emily Gill, Kathryn Rebecca, Rosalyn Woo, Sarah De Gasperis, and Young Ko.
Blood Diamond bracelet by Rosalyn Woo

Sale Ring by Emily Gill

Oh Oh, Here She Comes Ring by Efrat Deutsch

RED - an exhibition of jewellery by the members of Jewel Envy will be on display at 18Karat from October 25th - Novmber 6th.

OPENING RECEPTION October 23rd, from 2 - 5pm.

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