Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 days till V-Day!

Few of us give in to the mush and gush of Valentine's Day, but no matter how much we resist, there is still a part in all of us that feels a little tug.

As our 'Who Deserves a Diamond' contest carries on, we thought we would give you a sample of some of the entries we have received - a few that will surely tenderize your heart muscle -

J.C writes of his wife, "She is a shinning star, an eternal optimist and the love of my life, for this I feel she deserves a Canadian Diamond."

C.M writes of her mother, "She has sacrificed many things over the last 30 years for her children and I think she deserves a diamond".

With only 3 days left, please send in your answers to this question - Why does your loved one deserve a diamond - to

No matter how short and sweet or epic and poetic, you could win a Canadian Diamond.

We couldn't end this post without showing some of the wonderful new pieces to arrive at the shop, and just in the nick of time for the day of love. What says 'babe your the best' better then a piece of handmade and locally produced designer jewellery?

(Pictured above : Be Mine by Bijouxbead - Featuring Handmade Lampwork)

(Pictured above: Dear Heart by Bijouxbead - Featuring Handmade Lampwork)

(Pictured above : Sparkling Rays from Bazant Unique Adornment's Aurora Borealis Collection
- Featuring recycled hammered silver)

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