Friday, February 27, 2009

Lapis Lazuli and Diamond Pendant.

This Lapis pendant is Dino's latest creation, and with such intensely saturated blues, this one will certainly be memorable.

As luscious as mother nature could make it, these lapis sister stones have all of the depth of the sea with the billowing detail of every cloud in the sky.

The earth and its geology never cease to amaze us at the shop, with future projects in the works featuring crystal agate, rutilated quartz, and ... a fossil. (Right: 'what-now-stage'.)

Many of these pieces will be on display during our 'Landscapes' exhibition featuring the work of Darlene Martin of BijouxBead. Her work will also feature many of the earths not-so-popular gems, from turquoise to labradorite.

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