Friday, November 28, 2008

Diamond Series: Clarity

When the earth was born and it shivered and shook with the birth-pangs of formation, carbon was crystallized into the diamonds that have enthralled us all.

Nature did however, leaves its birthmark in the form of inclusions which reside in most stones. Inclusions appear as small black or grey specks which dot or streak through a diamonds interior.

The size, position, and number of inclusions will impact how well light will travel through the stone, how brilliant it will sparkle, and its clarity grade.

The most popular grading system in North America is that of the G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America) which uses a descending scale of Flawless, IF (Internally Flawless), VVS (Very Very Small Inclusions), VS (Very Small Inclusions), SI (Slight Inclusions), and I (Imperfect).

Alphabet aside, what does all of this mean?

We never want to hear about flaws when talking about our prized gems, but does a diamond have to be virtually flawless to be a beautiful stone?

Certainly not. We recommend diamonds within the range of VS-1 to SI-1, as the flaws in these stones are rarely, if not impossibly, detected with the naked eye, and the prices become more affordable (especially around the SI side).

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