Thursday, October 23, 2008

18 Karat Jewellers

18 Karat Jewellers has spanned across two generations, with brothers Massimo and Dino Giannetti carrying this family-run business into Toronto's downtown core, where it has lived for over 25 years.
Dino, a Master Goldsmith, creates unique and striking pieces in house, using precious and often unusual stones.

I have no experience with jewellery. This is something reader, I will not lie about.
I have the small pearl studs you receive after graduation. The small heart pendant with the itsy bitsy diamond you receive from some enamored high-school crush.
But, carats and karats?
Topaz and quartz?
Sapphires and rubies?
Diamonds and diamonds and diamonds?
Again, I will not lie.

But almost four months has passed since I joined the 18 Karat family, and slowly but surely, I have begun to learn a few things.
I know that there is more to a diamond then its sparkle.
I know that every piece of jewellery has a story to tell.

Stick around reader as the quirks and curiosities of the jewellery business begin to unfold themselves to us both –– and don't forget to check out what we do, at

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